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Going away for school vacation? Here are 4 tips to keep your home safe.

If you're lucky enough to be a snowbird who travels with the seasons or if you have an extended trip coming up, you're probably thinking ...
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4 tips to prevent water damage

Every home is vulnerable to leaks and flooding, and dealing with water damage can be expensive and annoying. The good news is there are several ...
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Is your car safe from break-ins

Car theft is a common occurrence that impacts more than 750,000 drivers a year -- that’s roughly one incident every 41 seconds. Want to secure ...
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Our Best Tips for Safe Storage

Rarely used objects often end up in the attic, basement or garage. But storing your stuff where it seems most convenient isn't always the best, ...
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Four things we bet you didn’t know about Car Insurance

There's no shortage of wrong information about car insurance. And unfortunately, making decisions based on half-truths can complicate your life and cost you money. Need ...
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Does my Homeowner’s Policy Cover my Roof?

Simply having a roof over your head isn’t enough. As a homeowner you also need to take good care of this important part of the ...
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Credit History and Car Insurance Rates

You probably know that your credit history has a big impact on your borrowing capabilities and interest rates, but did you know it can also ...
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